Welcome to our “CLIC Geek” tech page, offering the latest on site features and updates.  As we get ready for back-to-school season, we are excited to offer this revolutionary new “Easy Button” for the college-bound crowd!

Here in beta-land, we are helping 8th-12th graders plan for college as our first audience then following our first CLIC class to college next year to further simplify the four-year undergraduate experience.  We already help institutions at all levels recruit students.  And there’s plenty more in store.

Before we talk about what’s new on the site, let’s talk about the beautiful baseline that is CLIC beta:

  • The first Single page solution. By maximizing Web 3.0 widget and feed power, we allow all of our users to one-stop shop from a “command central” home page.  Students, that means you can match, search and subscribe to colleges, financial aid and community programs, check in with your high school, manage your master calendar, watch videos, get outreach messages and much more from ONE PAGE.  Bye-bye billions of bookmarks! Institutions – our colleges, middle and high schools, community and financial aid groups – you get a blog, calendar, video, brag board and all of the vital info your visitors need on ONE PAGE.  Bye-bye backburner of the IT dept to-do list – or being the IT dept yourselves!
  • Free two-way outreach. Students, see a program you like?  Splat them a message!  Institutions, see a student you want to recruit?  Splat them a message!  Families, want to share a resource you found with your kid?  Splat them a message!  All from a single site.
  • The CLIC Calendar. Take it from this former college-bound program director, there is NOTHING LIKE CLIC CALENDAR ANYWHERE!  This is the first master calendar of all college-related dates in the country.  Test deadlines, application deadlines, scholarship deadlines, college fairs – you name it, we’ve added it or our institutions can add it, and it fills the master calendar.  Students, that means once you match or subscribe to any institutions, their deadlines instantly fill your calendar!  Burn that yellow notepad, and hasta sticky notes. Institutions, you just have to post your event one time in one place, and you’ll reach students and other programs immediately.
  • Passive power; active action. Students, if you do nothing more than fill out a profile, you are going to be matched to resources you would otherwise NEVER HAVE HEARD OF – and they can find and communicate with you.  Institutions, if you do nothing more than fill out your Match Stats, you are going to be matched to students who would otherwise NEVER HAVE HEARD OF YOU. Everyone, if you are motivated and know what you want, there is no easier way to find it and move forward with it than from your CLIC home page.

Did we mention all of this was free?

There is so much more to The CLIC – and so much more to come.  As you immerse yourself in “the CLIC-ness of it all,” just know that at our techno core, we are about centralizing, simplifying and democratizing the college-connected experience.

From a single home page.  In our free shared network.

See you at graduation.

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